Desert Creek House

Our solar house: how it works

802 Desert Creek Road,
Numbugga via Bega NSW 2550
Phone: 6492 8498
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1) Look at the photos of the building process:
Chapter 1: excavation, retaining wall and slab
Chapter 2: wooden structure and roof
Chapter 3: rammed earth walls
Chapter 4: outer cladding, windows, first floor and inner walls
Slide show: cladding - south wall. Play it twice! it works well only the second time (because of loading time)

2) Read our instruction manual (43p A4 in pdf - 4.61 Mb): How to build with rammed earth
and the accompanying sketch with  the plan of the wheelbarrow lift (or crane)
Or read the book by Hassan Fathy: Architecture for the Poor. An old book, but very wise, about the process of building in poor countries.
Earth building but not rammed earth. Hassan Fathy: Architecture for the Poor

3) Or read the explanation why we have built a wide structure for welcoming people: Why we are building

This is a solar house in rammed earth with a wooden bearing structure.

On the groundfloor, there is a solar glasshouse, a kitchen for 10 people, a lounge, a bedroom, a small room for private discussions, a storage room, a shower and toilets.
On the first floor, there is a prayer room, a seminar room and a bathroom.

Have a look at the drawings:

Plan of the basement (in pdf)   Plan of the groundfloor (in pdf)   Plan of the mezzanin (in pdf)

Cross A-A section (in pdf)   Cross B-B section (in pdf)   Length C-C section (in pdf)

East elevation (in pdf)   South elevation (in pdf)   West elevation (in pdf)   North elevation (in pdf)

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