Desert Creek House
What is Desert Creek House?
A place / a search for the meaning of life

802 Desert Creek Road,
Numbugga via Bega NSW 2550
Phone: 6492 8498
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Desert Creek House is...    The Symbol of the Desert and the Creek... and the Meaning of our Logo    Who are we?
What can you do at Desert Creek House?    How do You get there?    What does it cost to participate?

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Desert Creek House is:

A place for prayer, contemplation and celebration,
in a search for unity in the living God.
On this path, the diversity of revelations is an inspiration to discover the multiple aspects of the Divine,
while remaining rooted in our Christian origin.

A place for a simple ecological way of life,
in a search for the true needs and the right links with our natural and social environment,
in a movement of self-limitation which allows the essential to take place. Small is beautiful.

A place for sharing and community,
in a search for reciprocity where everyone can feel recognised and follow their own path in deepening the meaning of their life.

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The Symbol of the Desert and the Creek... and the Meaning of our Logo

Desert Creek
The desert is a place of infinite space where we are called to leave everything behind which is superfluous.
In the silence and the scarcity of events, we do not get distracted but can go to the essential.
In this sometimes arid process of purification, we find the real living source of life, the creek of Love which is flowing in abundance.

Going inward - Turning outward
We have chosen as our logo a picture of a fountain that inspired us.
From its Centre three channels of water flow outwards,
and on a lower level three channels of that same water flow backwards to the Centre, its Source.

This symbol is rich in pointing to the Reality of our Trinitarian Creator God
who creates and holds the Cosmos in Being,
and of our own hearts being restless until they are united to their Source.
In everyday life,
this symbol encourages us to find the right balance in this movement of turning inside (insight) and going outward (expression):
- We need to open ourselves in a receptive way to the Source within to be inspired and there find what gives life meaning, as well as coming in contact with its enlivening energy.
- And equally important we want to turn to the outer world to find ways of expressing those meanings, and participating in creation by making our world more liveable.

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Who we are:

Ursula de Morsier: (born 45, 2 adult children, 2 adult stepchildren and 6 grandchildren)
I am trained as a psychologist and Jungian Psychoanalyst and in that activity my focus is on helping people to become whom they were created to be.
For me, the human being: body soul and spirit is an interdependent unity and needs to be addressed as a whole, yet without confusing the levels.
I am a committed Christian. I love nature, gardening, swimming.......

Yves de Morsier: (born 52 - 2 adult children)
A trained French Swiss architect, architecture is for me not so much a profession but a means of discovering the relationship between spirit and matter.
In my view, it is urgent that we find a way of life that is simple, based on self-limiting, in compassion for others and in harmony with nature.
For me it is essential to be open to other cultures and revelations, instead of imposing our western materialistic way of life on all.
We have to remember, God speaks through the humble!
We love:
St. Augustin, St. Francis of Assisi, Meister Eckhart, Charles de Foucauld, Christian de Chergé, P. Teilhard de Chardin, Gandhi, Etty Hillesum, Simone Weil, Ramana Maharshi, Abishiktananda (Fr. Le Saux), Bede Griffiths OSB, John Main OSB, Fr. Roger and the Community of Taizé, AMA Samy SJ, the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, ...

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At Desert Creek House you can:

-- Take part in times of meditation and prayer, in seminars about diverse themes: spirituality, ecology, architecture, psychology, etc... Look at the program on our website (
Program), or put your name, address and/or e-mail address on the mailing list (send us an email with your address).

-- Work and discover new ways of life, in harmony with nature, on solar energy (electricity and hot water), with composting toilet, etc. You can learn new skills in building, gardening...

-- Have a time for personal recollection

-- Organise yourself a talk, a seminar, an exhibition around themes you are wishing to share.....

We are still in the early phase of preparing the infrastructure. At this stage we cannot offer group accommodation, although 2-3 individuals can be accommodated.
Day events for groups are ok. A new community building for the meetings of smaller groups (15-20 people) will be soon in use (middle 2013?).

IMPORTANT: Desert Creek House is not a hotel. Participants are asked to take part in the activities and in the necessary work.
Help in building the infrastructure is welcome!

You can become a member of the non-for-profit association "Desert Creek House Inc."
Download the constitution of the association "Desert Creek House Inc." (6xA4 - 52 kb)

You can also subscribe to the DCH Newsletter by sending us your email address and asking to be on the email list: Contact Us: desertcreek(at) or by giving us your postal address in writing to DCH - 802 Desert Creek Road - NUMBUGGA via BEGA NSW 2550 - AUSTRALIA.

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How do You get there?

Desert Creek House is on the South Coast of New South Wales (Australia), near Bega

If you come from Bega or Narooma,
turn off the Princes Highway into the Snowy Mountains Highway and continue approx. 8 km and turn into Desert Creek Road on your right. ***

If you come from Bemboka or Cooma,
watch for the tiny km sign "B 15" (it means Bega is 15km away) on your left, immediately after the bridge over Hanscombe Creek. Then turn soon after, into Desert Creek Road, on your left. ***

*** Then drive into Desert Creek Road,
all the time straight on, for 3 km, to the end of the well maintained dirt road, until you come to our letter box (YU de Morsier - 802).

Follow then the signs "DCH, 802" every time you see one.

From our letter box, go on for 1 more km, straight on. You will see a round silo, cross a ford and drive up a steep road, until you come to a gate with the sign "Hey mate! Shut the gate" and a drawing of a face with a big moustache!

80m after the gate, you come to a crossing with 3 roads. Take the first road, sharp back on the left (there is a sign "DCH, 802" on the tree).

Go on for 1 last km, through a gate (801 / 802), until you come to a concrete tank with on your right the sign Desert Creek House

It takes approximately 20 minutes after turning into the Snowy Mountains Highway, and in terms of distance it is 14 km.

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What does it cost to participate?

Desert Creek House’s running costs will have to be met through donations. No fixed price is set for a stay so as not to exclude anyone Aware that all in creation is a free gift: air, water, food, life, knowledge, love your stay and your participation are free. Nevertheless, a place like Desert Creek House requires means for its running and you are asked to give a donation at the end of your stay to allow someone else whom you do not know to take part in the sharing at Desert Creek House.

Donations can be made in the form of cheques made payable to Y. and U. de Morsier, or cash.

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