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Last update of this page: 13 February 2020
Last news about DCH - Page of DCH Friends - Most recent documents

New: Last version of the Vision and Strategy for a Meaningful Life in a Fracturing World

New: An extract of Alexander Solzhenitsyn Cancer Ward about truth and freedom
New: Last workshop: surrender of fight

New: A few exercises of meditation

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1) Our next activities

Next meditation weekend: From Friday 13 (6pm) to Sunday 15 March at 9am.
Silent weekend of meditation
Following Meditation days will be on: April 10-12 / May 8-10 / June 12-14 / July 10-12 / Aug. 7-9 / Sept. 11-13 / Oct. 9-11 / Nov. 13-15 / Dec. 11-13.

Next community day (working bee in the morning with sharing about the Tarot in the afternoon): on the 28 March from 9am for a 9.30 start to 4pm.
Contributing some food to share. Working bee replaces donation.
Following Community days (generally on the fourth Saturday of the month, except when there is a workshop on the same month - because the workshop is considered as a community day) will be on: 25 July / 24 Oct.

Next workshop: Fri. 21 (5pm) to Sun. 23 February 2020 (9am)
Living in the Truth - Facilitator: Yves de Morsier

In our postmodern era everybody wants to follow their own truth and any opinion seems acceptable. Diversity of beliefs constitutes a wealth, but it does not mean we can adapt truth at will. An unfathomable Truth exists which is the Reality that shapes our world. Today we have lost in great part our faculty to remain rooted in it.
We will observe how science, knowledge and our own experience are incomplete means but may yet serve as guides. We will investigate how our egocentric perception has to develop into an all-encompassing hetero-centric vision and how we may find a consensus concerning our common future despite our differences. We will also examine ways of how to live in the Truth and how to accept the consequences of such a choice.
Cost: DCH donation plus contributing some food to share.

Further activities:
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2) Last past meetings - Related documents
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(September 2019)
Documents from our last workshop: Surrender or Fight
(May 2019)

Documents from the previous workshop: Going deeper - Money, Work, Generosity (2nd stage)
(May 2018)
After our community day and sharing about generosity (26th May), Jen provides here her text for further reflection:
(April 2018)
About nonviolent communication, after our community day and sharing (28th April), Sunny proposes the following texts for further reflexion:

3) Recent documents - By us or by other sources
(Each one in a new window)

  • A reflection about the election system in Australia. Nowadays the two party system prevents minorities to be represented in parliament. By contrast a proportional system would allow these minor tendencies to be active and it would break the polarisation between the two major forces. Their presence in parliament, as so far unrepresented perceptions and tendencies, would generate new forms of alliances and it would foster a true public debate about the society we want to implement. Election system in Australia and the corresponding example based on the last elections (2019) About Aboriginal issues:
    What can we do at DCH to discover a true connexion to Aboriginal people and culture?
    About Australia: About ecology and climate change: About the book "Silent invasion" by Clive Hamilton: Further readings:
    See other texts published on this website (in a new window)
    3) Life at DCH - Main practical documents about DCH
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