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Last update of this page: 29 September 2019
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1) Our next activities

Next meditation weekend: From Friday 11 (6pm) to Sunday 13 October at 9am.
Silent weekend of meditation
Following Meditation days will be on: 8-10 Nov. / 13-15 Dec.

Next community day: on the 26 October 2019 from 9am for a 9.30 start to 4pm (AGM).
Contributing some food to share. Working bee replaces donation.
Following Community days (generally on the fourth Saturday of the month, except when there is a workshop on the same month - because the workshop is considered as a community day) will be on: nest year 2020

Next workshop: Fri. 22 (5pm) to Sun. 24 November 2019 (9am)
Tipping Point Alliance: a Manifesto and Covenant for a meaningful Life - Facilitator: David Oliphant and Yves de Morsier

We live in a time when truth seems to be so flexible that anything goes. It is then essential to dare to affirm what is central in our lives. We have tried to do this exercise (which is not simple at all). Out of this attempt a text has taken shape that proposes a radical action, in urgency, here and now, to resist climate change and the social crisis we are facing globally. You can download this document from our website (
The Tipping Point Alliance) or have it sent to you.
The manifesto consists in 3 tools: 1) A Manifesto that proposes core values for truer relationships between human beings as well as with our natural environment, 2) A Covenant that invites the participants to commit to precise actions and attitudes in their everyday life. 3) The creation of some Action Hubs where participants may meet in order to assess the current situation and to plan together the next actions.
There is unity in the core of the Manifesto (the values) and diversity in the terms of the Covenant (the expressions) because each one is free to commit to what they want. This is a way to find unity in a few core values and to invent diverse ways of expression of how we can translate these values into daily life.
We will investigate these core values, with the possibility of rewriting the manifesto if it should be adapted. Then, in a second part, we will see what we wish to propose as personal commitments which could become the terms of the covenant.
It is evident that each one is free to commit, or not, to anything that is proposed. There will be no pressure to be involved more than you wish to.
The result could be a new version of the manifesto (if necessary) and a new covenant for each of the participants (if they wish to).
Cost: DCH donation plus contributing some food to share.

Further activities:
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2) Last past meetings - Related documents
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(September 2019)
Documents from our last workshop: Surrender or Fight
(May 2019)

Documents from the previous workshop: Going deeper - Money, Work, Generosity (2nd stage)
(May 2018)
After our community day and sharing about generosity (26th May), Jen provides here her text for further reflection:
(April 2018)
About nonviolent communication, after our community day and sharing (28th April), Sunny proposes the following texts for further reflexion:

3) Recent documents - By us or by other sources
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  • A reflection about the election system in Australia. Nowadays the two party system prevents minorities to be represented in parliament. By contrast a proportional system would allow these minor tendencies to be active and it would break the polarisation between the two major forces. Their presence in parliament, as so far unrepresented perceptions and tendencies, would generate new forms of alliances and it would foster a true public debate about the society we want to implement. Election system in Australia and the corresponding example based on the last elections (2019) About Aboriginal issues:
    What can we do at DCH to discover a true connexion to Aboriginal people and culture?
    About Australia: About ecology and climate change: About the book "Silent invasion" by Clive Hamilton: Further readings:
    See other texts published on this website (in a new window)
    3) Life at DCH - Main practical documents about DCH
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