Desert Creek House

Daily program

802 Desert Creek Road,
Numbugga via Bega NSW 2550
Phone: 6492 8498
Email: desertcreek(at)
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Desert Creek House is a community based place where each one takes co-responsability
for the functioning and upkeep of the place (meals, cleaning, etc).

At Desert Creek House we try to follow a daily strict regular program,
because it seems to be the only way to keep a minimum of discipline for regular contemplation.
People who stay at Desert Creek House are kindly invited
to join into these times of regular prayer or silent meditation,
but everybody remains of course free to participate or not.
People who would like to discover the richness of silence are welcome
even if they have no previous practice. No skills are required.
Participation of all helps each one to deepen spiritual life.

To be honest, the following schedule serves more as an inspiring guide than a rigid constraint in our daily practice.
We apply it with flexibility, according to our state of mind and available energy,
trying to find the right balance between discipline and adaptability.

Winter time
May - July
Summer time
August - April
06.3006.00Get Up
07.0006.30Text reading and silent meditation
08.0007.30Breakfast and cleaning up
09.0008.30Work: garden, land, construction, maintenance, household
12.00 or 12.3012.00 or 12.30Lunch preparation (1 person)
13.0013.00Lunch and cleaning up
13.4513.45Reading / Siesta
14.3014.30Work continuation or personal study
16.0016.30Personal study
17.00 or 17.3018.00 or 18.30Evening meal preparation (1 person)
18.0019.00Evening meditation
18.3019.30Evening meal and cleaning up
19.3020.30Evening free
22.0022.30Evening chant and bedtime

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