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A Vision and Strategy for a Meaningful Life in a Fracturing World

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1) My last published book: The solution is simple ...but demanding - by Yves de Morsier

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This is not a publicity. It is the result of many years (about 45-50?) of work and commitment I want to share with my friends and people who are interested and concerned by the present time of crisis we go through. First I hope this book will be a rich contribution and will bring new insights for you. And I need also your help and support to make it known; I believe it concerns many decisive issues that will define our immediate future.

I started to write this book in 2018, just after the fires raged through our land in Numbugga. It is a kind of general assessment or summary of what I have learned through five decades of research, personal commitment, experiment and practice, aiming at finding simple harmonious ways of living. It is about climate change, growing gap between haves and have-nots, democracy, and also about our search for meaning and the sacred dimension of life. But it is essentially about our priorities and the way we live.

This book proposes a very different approach of these issues. The present trend consists in planning new forms of energy and technologies. But I do not believe in technical solutions; they are only small parts of the solution, only as accessories. The root of the solution is for me of ethical or spiritual nature. It is about our values in life. The core of the present crisis (climate, justice, democracy) demonstrates our (lack of) awareness and the urgency for us, as people and local communities, to make new radical choices concerning what matters most for ourselves, our children, our families, friends and neighbours, in our personal or collective lives.

The problem is not about CO2, the decay of biodiversity, the extreme poverty of half of humanity, etc. These are of course essential issues, but these are “only” the visible signs of something much deeper and much more central; these are the symptoms of what goes wrong in our priorities and beliefs concerning the way we share what is given to us by nature and society. The great challenge we are facing consists in daring to question what we accept almost unconditionally: to ask why we let market and technology and artificial intelligence guide our present and define our future.

We all well know that our comfort and wealth are based on a lot of injustice, that our fashions and trends are based on illusions and speculations, that our short term aims of growth on a limited planet defy any purpose and common sense. We know that overproduction and overconsumption wreck our planet for the benefice and indulgence of hardly 10% of its inhabitants (us), who live on 84% of world total wealth; while more than half of its population (the others) live on only 2% of it.

We know the problems and we know also the solutions. But there is a double question we never ask:
  • Why do we adapt and surrender to ways of living that trigger injustice and destruction and do not even bring true happiness to us?
  • Why don’t we start, now and here, living the kind of life that is based on the values we cherish most among others: compassion, equity, respect, diversity and complementarity? Why don’t we start here and now?
This is in our power to find the solution and to act here and now. As ordinary people, citizens, workers, consumers, we are the only actors who can start the move towards change. There are indeed no other actors than us. Nobody will do it for us: no leaders, no specialists, no institutions, no corporations, no wise elders either. Why then do we wait and what for?

I feel the burning need to answer these questions; to try to find the meaning of what can help us to break our resignation and start immediately a real move towards change. I need to ask many questions about the meaning of life and how we may find the path of liberation. Questions more than answers! It is why I had to write this book.

Here, it is at your disposal. It is almost yours. I hope it will help us to overcome our inbuilt resistance and bring us a big step further: where life can be lived to the full, here and now. It is now our choice.

Download the table of contents or summary of the book - 14p (76 kb)

The Solution is simple ...but demanding

2) The Tipping Point Alliance

A Vision and Strategy for a meaningful Life in a fracturing World

My book "The solution is simple ...but demanding" (presented here above) collects more or less the following documents that are here still at a rather primitive stage. They are better elaborated in the book and the book presents much more material and depth at a more mature stage. But this may give you a rough idea of what the book presents and is about. The Tipping Point Alliance is only a accessory part of the strategy that the book describes. It is only an side aspect as a tool in its form of Alliance: what matters most remains the process, and not the form. The process of change can indeed take many shapes! To you the challenge of inventing them!!

We live in a time of urgency: the environment (climate change) calls for an urgent and radical change of ways of life in harmony with the cycles of the universe and of nature; the economy is controlled by a few powerful interests and our humanity is reduced to provide the necessary cogs for a system that has lost its purpose and meaning; social coherence and solidarity have degenerated into a violent competition where anything seems acceptable.

We live also in a time when truth seems to be so flexible that anything goes. It is then essential to dare to affirm what is central in our lives. We have tried to do this exercise (which is not simple at all). Out of this attempt a text has taken shape.

You can download here the main documents:

Many of the following documents have been written at different stages of the research; they may present some minor repetitions, contradictions or omissions.

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