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The Tipping Point Alliance:
A Vision and Strategy for a Meaningful Life in a Fracturing World

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The Tipping Point Alliance

A Vision and Strategy for a meaningful Life in a facturing World

We live in a time of urgency: the environment (climate change) calls for an urgent and radical change of ways of life in harmony with the cycles of the universe and of nature; the economy is controlled by a few powerful interests and our humanity is reduced to provide the necessary cogs for a system that has lost its purpose and meaning; social coherence and solidarity have degenerated into a violent competition where anything seems acceptable.

We live also in a time when truth seems to be so flexible that anything goes. It is then essential to dare to affirm what is central in our lives. We have tried to do this exercise (which is not simple at all). Out of this attempt a text has taken shape.

You can download here the main documents:

  • The Vision itself is an affirmation of the central values and qualities that define a creative attitude about today's urgent challenges.
    It is accompanied by a basic Strategy of 10 Options that propose a way to translate the spirit of the Vision into everyday action.
    This is what unites us. The WHY:
    The Tipping Point Alliance: the Vision and the Strategy - 19p

  • There is a short version that describes the core idea in 1 page
    The short version of the Tipping Point Alliance - 1p.

  • Seven necessary changes (or untwists) of mind.
    A description of seven changes of mind we need to bring through before we can be free of the inversions created by our technology and market society. It describes also the real obstacle which explains (but does not justify) our extreme difficulty to start an action against climate change: our strong addiction to our present way of life.
    Seven changes (or untwists) of mind ...and our fundamental problem of addiction - 9p

  • The catalogue of possible options for the extenson of the Strategy.
    The basic Strategy is in principle a list of 10 options; each person may shape their own Strategy by adding some complementary options of their choice, according to their own conditions, priorities and preferences. Here is a catalogue of possible options; they are only examples and you can adapt them; they have evidently to remain conform with the spirit of the Vision. You may of course also modify them or design your own; it is the spirit of the Alliance to be modulated in diversity.
    The catalogue of possible options (examples) for the personal Strategy - 13p
    There is unity in the core of the Vision (the values) and the basic Strategy (10 options). There is diversity in the terms of the personalised Strategy (the complemntary engagements each one choses to add to the 10 options of the basic Strategy) because everybody is free to commit to what they want. This is a way to find unity in a few core values and basic options, and yet to invent diverse ways of expression of how we can translate these values into further actions in daily life.

  • Concrete proposals how to make Bega a more sustainable, self-sufficient and resilient community
    These are a few thoughts how to re-organise our local community in prevision of the drought and fire events that await us in the coming years.
    Food for thoughts: concrete proposals for Bega to be implemented immediately - 4p

  • The Platform for Australia or Strategy OZ.
    This is the wider vision for Australia: WHAT FOR.
    Warning: the following text is only a first and temporary draft as starting point for a further discussion between grassroots movements. It should be completely re-written when we meet and come to an agreement. The text below is only a first concrete proposal to help start the process.
    The Plateform for Australia or Strategy OZ - the complete version incl. 1p summary - 12p

  • A few personal comments around the Vision and the values that guide the Strategy.
    Note that it is a personal approach that engages only its author. Be clear that you can be part of the Alliance, even if you do not agree with these comments:
    It develops the main ideas of the Vision and Strategy in a personal way and illustrates them with examples. The Comments - 50p

  • An annex about the relationship between Spirit and Matter (13p).
    The Annex about the relation between Spirit and Matter

  • An example of a similar manifesto by Canadian grassroots movements (5p).
    Borrowed from
    The Leap Manifesto (Canada)

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